Digital transformation in railway technology

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Since spring of this year, the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group has been a shareholder in EDS 4.0 GmbH, thereby broadening its expertise in the field of "digital transformation" of railway systems.


It has been known for many years that digitalisation will not stop at the railway industry. The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group is therefore already doing everything it can to develop innovative concepts and use the latest technology. The most recent step towards the digital future: the RSRG's participation in the European Digital Services – EDS 4.0.


Claus Salzmann.jpg
„We are looking forward to working on the upcoming projects together with the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group.“
Claus Salzmann
Technical Managing Director EDS 4.0

The Salzburg-based company specialises in the digitalisation of essential facility components, thereby supporting customers on their way towards digital transformation. Using 3D scans of existing facilities or 3D planning for new facilities, EDS makes the structure and all components, including the control system, visible at a glance – and immediately stores these 3D plans in a structured database that contains all the important information required for the operation and maintenance of the facility. Ideally, all information is collected in a logical way during the construction phase, and the construction documentation is created concurrently.


If a slider breaks, for example, the model immediately shows which supplier it comes from, what its properties are or where it can be reordered. The model also thinks ahead and alerts the user when a service is due in the near future. Another advantage: Using the 3D model, employees in charge of maintaining the facility can be trained virtually via so-called walk-in clips or move virtually through the model themselves.


By participating in EDS 4.0, the RSRG is increasing its competence in the field of digitalisation of railway systems and in digital transformation of electrotechnical processing - thereby providing customers with even more comprehensive services throughout the entire life cycle of their facilities.

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