BIM in operation - what we learned from our experience

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SBB Weichenlos ('switch lot'): ever greater role of the New Cooperation Models.

SBB's track renewal work is increasingly being contracted out in multi-year framework agreements. These framework contracts are handled as total contractor projects, in which the RSRG can demonstrate its full competence in planning and construction.


With the contract to plan and build a total of over 400 switches within the SBB track renewal project, Sersa was the first railway engineering company in Switzerland to enter the “New Cooperation Models” (NCMs) segment. As a total contractor, the company carried out significant development work in various BIM applications along the entire process. The experience gained so far will also be incorporated into the next NCM project. While the option to extend the Weichenlos until 2024 has been granted, the next NCM project “TU Roadway Renewals 2024–2026 + Option” is already underway. Planning here is also being carried out with BIM. Time for a mid-term review:


As a total contractor with overall responsibility, we were able to develop a high level of understanding for the overall process and successively optimise it in terms of the integration of the individual project phases. The BIM model with its project data has become the pivotal factor in project management. The data and information in the model are constantly updated and consumed by the system involved for each step of the process.


The process work in conjunction with BIM contributed significantly to a better project result for all those involved in the project. Today, those responsible know, for example, how the construction processes are being supported as early as the planning stage and which data is needed in the process for the next project phase and how it can be optimally provided. This helps to manage projects through each phase more efficiently and in a more targeted way. Customers benefit from stable processes and optimised quality. An added value for everyone.


Despite all the positive aspects, there are still major challenges in project management with BIM. The RSRG is more than happy to deal with this – for its own success and, above all, that of its customers.

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