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Retrofit of the MFS40

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Sustainable update for RSRG's material conveyor and silo units.

Sersa Maschinenller Gleisbau (SMG) is using a sophisticated concept to increase the efficiency of its MFS40 loading wagons, thereby also reducing the machines' fuel consumption. 


Loading wagons like the MFS40 are often idling for a long time on construction sites, only to then move the conveyor belts for just a few seconds. The diesel engine runs almost exclusively at idle during this time and the speed is only increased briefly when the hydraulics are needed. The potential for saving unnecessary energy, air pollution and noise is thus great.


As part of the retrofit and modernisation, a control system from SMG was therefore implemented which controls the engine speed automatically and with which the diesel engine can be selectively switched on and off with an automatic start-stop system. With this measure, noise as well as fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced.


The retrofit measures in detail:

  • Modern diesel engine with start-stop system
  • Automatic speed control of the engine depending on the operating mode and movements
  • Enlarged battery system for the operation of the control and lighting, so that the stop phases of the diesel engine can be increased
  • Hydraulics and electrical system completely replaced
  •  Lubrication of the chain belts optimised to reduce energy consumption
  • Fully automatic operation with sensors for loading and unloading


In addition to noise reduction, these measures also make it possible to save around 40% diesel fuel per machine, which in turn means 40% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The first two of six machines were commissioned in mid-September 2021.

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