Innovation as project enabler

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New ZOKA positioning technology ensures safety in complex and large-scale projects.

Mit der umfassenden Neuentwicklung der ZOKA-Ortungstechnologie konnte der Wettbewerbsvorteil des ZOKA-Systems im internationalen Markt weiter gestärkt und die Umsetzung imposanter Grossprojekte ermöglicht werden. Megaprojekte, die von der neuen Technologie profitieren, sind u.a. das zukunftsweisende Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Tauernmoos sowie Wiens grösstes Infrastrukturprojekt mit neuen U-Bahn-Bauten der Linien U2 und U5.


The comprehensive new development of the ZOKA positioning technology has reinforced the ZOKA system’s competitive advantage on the international market and enabled impressive large-scale projects to go ahead. Mega-projects benefiting from this new technology include the pioneering Tauernmoos pumped-storage hydropower plant and Vienna’s largest infra-structure project with new metro structures on lines U2 and U5.


RK safetec GmbH offers a wide range of security, alarm and communication services for underground and large construction sites. Part of the ZOKA system is the reliable positioning of people and vehicles. Constantly growing client demands have led to the development of our own tracking and positioning system, which combines many years of experience with new ideas and features. The newly developed ZOKA positioning technology uses standardised BLE 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and thus provides a high level of reliability and availability. The necessary development know-how was brought together in the R&D team at Stams under the direction of Jürgen Martin. The R&D team could thus respond more quickly to client needs. A market-ready product with unique technical features was created in record time. The main components of the new positioning technology are a sophisticated reading unit for up to three positioning directions and a new generation of portable BLE transponders for people and vehicles. The system is therefore very modular and cost-efficient, particularly for large projects with a high level of spatial and structural complexity.


The Tauernmoos power station and the Vienna metro project are therefore ideal for the efficient use of this newly developed technology: Both include a variety of tunnels and underground structures, making them extremely complex projects. During the five- to six-year construction period, RK safetec as safety equipment supplier, was responsible for the safety-critical location of people but also for all communication technology required for GSM mobile radio and the private radio service used by the fire service.

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