Fixed Point Measuring Device Mephisto 2

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Measuring tripod for profile, height, and distance measurements with the DISTO distance measurer by Leica.

Since 2019, the new generation of Mephisto Fixed Point Measuring Device has been produced and sold wordwide through our long-standing distribution partner Geismar.


The further development of the MEPHISTO 1, which has been used worldwide since 1997, is based on the innovative chassis of its predecessor. This makes the device adaptable with different pipe lengths for any track gauge, and usable globally. Thanks to the replaceable lithium-ion battery, the operating time is decoupled from the battery capacity, and the entire device does not need to be brought to the socket for charging. For a comfortable measurement campaign, target data in different formats can be loaded onto the device. This can be done via a USB stick, USB data cable, or WiFi.


The MEPHISTO 2 fixed point measuring device is characterised by its simple operation and high flexibility. Weighing around 13 kilograms, it can be immediately removed from the danger zone by one person without any additional manipulation. Once the device is assembled and placed on the rail, it can be moved from measurement point to measurement point with a simple extendable rod.


With MEPHISTO 2, the overhead line, platform edge or entries into the clearance profile at defined points can also be measured. The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group manufactures the device in Hinwil/Switzerland. There, all devices used in Switzerland are also revised and recalibrated annually.


Since the development of MEPHISTO 1, the devices have been distributed worldwide exclusively through the reliable sales partner Geismar. Geismar also carries out the annual service of the devices used worldwide at the Breisach/Germany location.

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