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Innovation allows for documentation and predictability even during first time construction.

Machine-assisted track alignment: What is generally accepted as the standard in gravel track construction in now also used by the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group in the construction of fixed track beds.


In collaboration with their partner intermetric GmbH from Stuttgart, the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group developed a tachymeter-controlled track lifting and alignment machine called RhoMAT. The goal is to combine several processes that previously ran consecutively while simultaneously increasing the achievable accuracy of the end product.


To this end, the pre-bonded track grid is roughly positioned in terms of location and height using a longitudinal frame about 14 metres long. Thanks to the lifting of the track grid and the subsequent alignment being combined, this effectively reduces any rail tension and not only facilitates but also significantly accelerates the subsequent tachymeter-controlled alignment process.

The result: The work on the construction site is reduced by a full day. In addition, the actual alignment process is fully automated, freeing up important capacities in material resources and human labour for other tasks. The accuracy of the roughly aligned track grid is achieved at all times and is visible in the documentation. Predictability of the work performance for the subsequent fine adjustment process is therefore possible for the first time.


The prototype, which has been in use from the start in the "ARGE S21 Fixed Track Bed Fildern" project, showed that the goal was achieved: The project time was shortened and was coupled with a 15% increase in performance while halving the typical number of crew members. The significantly simplified and now more predictable allocation of surveying resources, in turn, reduces the risk of construction delays.

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