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Climate crisis and how we’re facing the challenge worldwide

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The mobility solution of tomorrow

More than eight years ago, the two long-established and successful companies Rhomberg Bahntechnik and Sersa Group merged to become Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group. Even if our two owners Hubert Rhomberg and Konrad Schnyder would rather look forward than back – they reflect positively on this decision in every respect. Today, the RSRG is one of Europe’s leading full-service providers in railway engineering and the point of contact for customers when it comes to efficient mobility solutions.


In an interview, the two entrepreneurs – who are also good friends outside the boardroom – give us their thoughts on the future of the rail industry, what topics keep them up at night and what challenges they think the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group will have to face in the coming years.


We’ve divided this interview into three parts due to its length.

Using synergies, thinking sustainably – a whole group optimally geared towards future mobility

The industry is subject to rapid development, processes are changing at an unprecedented rate, and new technologies are gaining more and more influence. New, well-coordinated strategies are needed here which, on the one hand, must be locally geared to the respective market and, on the other hand, incorporate the strength of the entire group – and all this while taking into account ecological sustainability and social responsibility towards employees.

Digitisation: identifying new opportunities and implementing them with customers and employees

Digitisation is also playing an increasingly important role in the daily operations of the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group and is strongly backed by company management. Even if there is still plenty to learn, the benefits are there for all to see. This means change – for our employees, their working environment and ultimately also their job profile. Nevertheless, the feedback to date has been very positive overall – especially since we use the digital technologies available to support employees at the construction site and optimise processes.

Sharing knowledge, building trust: cooperation is the key to success

Sharing and building trust – with employees, with customers, with external partners: this is the only way for us as a group to continue to improve and to offer services faster, more cost-effectively and with high quality. The corporate culture that makes us what we are continues to evolve and is permanently enriched by new employees; however, its core values remain the same. We believe we are well positioned to tackle the dynamic developments of the coming years and the major challenges of the future.

Interview part 1

Hubert Rhomberg & Konrad Schnyder Teil 1
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Interview part 2

Hubert Rhomberg & Konrad Schnyder Teil 2
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Interview part 3

Hubert Rhomberg & Konrad Schnyder Teil 3
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