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Supporting and promoting undergraduates

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Get your career on track with us!

Putting your professional future on the right track even before you complete your studies – who wouldn’t want to do that? As an undergraduate at the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, you gain excellent practical experience and get to work on the future-oriented topics shaping the industry as part of your thesis.


Thomas Dülsner, a student of Transport Engineering at TU Dresden and 2020 working student and undergraduate at Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland GmbH, did research on the endurance strength of the IVES slab track system. He was closely supervised and given technical and organisational support in all areas by our Head of Innovation, Norman Krumnow, who also works as a Lecturer in Railway Engineering at HTW Berlin.

Part of the RSRG family: we support and promote our undergraduates.

Thomas Dülsner RSRG
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