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Tram Line 25

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A significant step towards reliable public transportation and accessibility.

On August 1, 2022, the Tram Line 25 project commenced in Munich. Stadtwerke München (SWM) planned an extensive renovation and redesign of Tram 25. In collaboration with the consortium partner, Rädlinger Company, RSRG replaced approximately 4,400 metres of ballast track. The project, divided into two construction zones, involved not only the renewal of the track structure but also the redesign and extension of three stops and three crossings, with 230 meters (2GL) of grooved track as a solid trackbed. For the first time in the field of public transport, part of the welding work was carried out using the flash butt welding process. The concrete sleepers were installed using a gantry crane for relocation. "Harnessing synergies" was the motto for this project, and with the support of RSRG branches in Dresden, St. Veit, and Essen (which, for the first time in Munich, installed the platform lighting), the construction site was established. The work progressed rapidly, allowing the project to be completed by the end of 2022. The stress-relief milling and installation of the grass track were carried out in August 2023.

„Die erfolgreiche Durchführung und Zusammenarbeit ist ein Beweis für das Engagement und die Expertise unseres Teams.“
Philipp Nachbaur
Managing Director, Project Business

The renewal has contributed to improving the reliability and efficiency of public transportation on Tram Line 25 and to restoring connectivity to Grünwald. The construction measures also included improving the accessibility to the new stops, which has helped increase access for passengers with special needs.

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