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Cooperation in Ireland and Canada

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Maintenance of Track Construction Machines for Iarnród Éireann / Irish Rail

Safety in the use of track construction machines with proper and regular maintenance of the machine fleet. Customer Iarnród  Éireann / Irish Rail relies on JumboTec, which, together with RSRG in Ireland, won the tender for an additional refurbishment contract.


The machines of customer Iarnród Éireann / Irish Rail (IÉ) are operated and maintained by Rhomberg Sersa in Ireland. In addition to operating its own fleet of track construction machines, JumboTec GmbH is an expert in maintenance, servicing, and repair work on rail vehicles, particularly track construction machines. It was therefore natural for the two RSRG companies to participate jointly in this tender.


Immediately after winning the tender, the implementation planning started in close coordination. Complex planning is necessary, from logistics to the timely delivery of various components. The five machines are expected to spend six months each at JumboTec for extensive maintenance and servicing work. Even hard-to-procure components must be on-site in a timely manner to avoid disrupting the subsequent planning. This requires regular communication, networking, and close collaboration between IÉ and the RSRG companies.


The first machine from Ireland was transferred to Spremberg in the summer. Over the next few years, three more machines and numerous machine components of the IÉ RM90 ballast cleaning machine will be brought to Germany for extensive maintenance measures.


This intensive project not only demonstrates the strengths of collaboration within the RSRG but also serves as proof of the diverse competencies within our own company.

Trial and No Errors in Toronto, Canada.

When you need 1.2km of specialist concrete slab track installed on your new elevated guideway, who are you going to call? The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, of course.


The Barrie Line is one of seven train lines that form the GO transit system in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. Until recently, the frequency of commuter trains on the Barrie Line was limited by freight train traffic over the Davenport Diamond, a rail junction between the North-South Barrie Line and the East-West Canada Pacific Rail Line.


In 2019, Metrolinx (Project Owner) awarded Graham Commuter Rail Solutions (GCRS) the contract to design and build the Davenport Diamond Rail Grade Separation Project. This included the construction of a guideway that would carry the Barrie Line over the road-level CanadaPacific Rail Line. GCRS and their partner REMCAN reached out to the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group for help building more than 1.2km of slab track on the Davenport Diamond Guideway.


Supporting this project with an international set-up involving RSNA, RBT and RSUK, a team of slab track specialists from RSUK were sent to Canada in September 2022. They installed a 10m trial section of slab track in a non-rail environment to test: a) the concrete mix design b) track system set-up c) ability of installation teams to follow the concreting process d) voiding under baseplates. The trial was a success and laid strong foundations for the core works.


The Team began construction of slab track on the Davenport Diamond Guideway in October 2022 and completed works at the end of March 2023. Delivery of the construction works was challenging, but despite the snow the team made the project a success. Thanks to the efforts of the whole project organisation the Davenport Diamond Guideway successfully went into service on April 3, 2023.

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