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Brem Bahntechnik AG Joins the Group

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Negotiations for "Securing and Cable Systems" expert company sealed with a handshake.

The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group has proven strength in the construction and renovation of track systems. Now it has added to it's expertise in electrical systems. The specialised areas of securing and cable systems are primaily sought after in GU (general contructor) and TU (technical contractor) projects. RSRG can now deliver both GU and TU seamlessly.



The RSRG in Switzerland and Brem Bahntechnik AG merged at the end of 2022. As a result, the "Securing and Cable Systems" (Signaling and Power Cables) sector is significantly strengthened, both in terms of expertise and skilled staff. Customers benefit from a strong team of specialists, ensuring efficient workflows and the highest quality throughout Switzerland. Brem Bahntechnik AG (BB) has continuously grown until the end of 2021. It has extensive knowledge in the area of "Electrical Systems", while the Swiss RSRG contributes with its fleet of bi-directional and special vehicles. RSRG also has specialised railcars used for cable laying in challenging conditions. These can also transport up to 20 tonnes of cable spools. Thomas Brem, BB founder and owner, has been nominated as division head of the new merged entity and his focus is on stability and continuity. Together with Thales Switzerland, BB has previously implemented large SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) projects. These include axle counter installation in the Rynächt perimeter, main and branch cable laying for the renovation of Hydrostar switches inside and outside the Gotthard Base Tunnel, as well as axle counter installation in the Faido and Sedrun multifunctional stations, and signal relocations. BB also supported Siemens AG throughout Switzerland with staff leasing for SA (Safety Assembly) installations. As projects are increasingly awarded as GU or TU projects, BB sought a partner in order to be able to deliver both. The negotiations between BB and Rhomberg Sersa were concluded with a handshake at InnoTrans 2022. The official purchase contract was signed at the end of 2022, and since January 2023, the entire BB workforce became part of RSRG. The expanded "Securing and Cable Systems" division guarantees high-quality services and continues to strive to meet individual customer needs

Brem Rail Technology AG

  • Founder: Thomas Brem
  • Headquarters: Villmergen
  • Specialties: Securing and Cable Systems
  • Merger with RSRG: 2022 
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