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Flood Damage Remediation in the Dresden Transport Corporation AG Network.

Two contracts - many synergies: the tramway facilities of DVB and the road facilities of the City of Dresden, built on Berthold-Haupt-Straße in the 1990s, were severely damaged by the flood in 2013. The damage remediation was assigned to Rhomberg Sersa Germany (RSD) and a partner.


The repair services included the comprehensive renewal of the tram bodies over a distance of 1.9 kilometres of single track, including the renewal of a bridge, road surfacing and sidewalks, overhead line facilities, all underground lines and utilities, as well as tree planting works.


The tram bodies, originally built as a Getzner frame track system, were restored in the Fixed Track System "Rheda City – DVB AG type". The challenge was the just-in-time delivery of all building materials to be supplied by RSD and the precise and professional completion of all preliminary work for the concrete work. Due to the cramped construction fields and the loss of logistics tracks, constant communication with all companies and trades involved in the construction was necessary. The construction project was completed in November of the previous year.


In March of 2022, the same consortium was awarded a project by DVB AG for the comprehensive renewal of the Kleinzschachwitz loop track, including barrier-free stops for buses and trains.


This construction site is not far from the Berthold-Haupt-Straße project, which brings clear advantages in terms of construction handling. The renewal of about 360 metres of single track, two single switches and one single crossing is also restored in the Fixed Track System "Rheda City – DVB AG type" on LMFS mats. This section was also completed in November of 2022.

Flood Damage Remediation

  • Location: Dresden, Germany 
  • Client: Dresden Transport Corporation AG (DVB)
  • Contract: Renewal of tram bodies (1.9 km), bridge renewal, road surfacing and sidewalks, overhead line facilities, underground lines and utilities, tree planting works
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