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Q-tainer – Digital Development at the New Cottbus Plant

With the goal of making our construction sites more efficient, safer, and more sustainable, we are relying on the combination of modern technologies and existing know-how in the "Transparent Construction Site" project.


This includes, among other things, automatically detecting which paths the construction vehicles predominantly take, where there are collision risks with pedestrians, or whether safety regulations are being complied with, such as wearing helmets and high-visibility vests. Additionally, logistics bottlenecks and construction progress can be monitored through analysis with artificial intelligence to counteract delays as quickly as possible. Those who continuously collect and link such and other data on-site can close security gaps, reduce personal injuries and outages, manage resources, and optimally distribute them among the various companies involved in the construction. 

In the pilot project at the Deutsche Bahn construction site for the "New Cottbus Plant," we are developing and testing new digital tools that support the construction site on location. We rely on various sensors and data sources. The provision of these digital tools requires a lot of computing power, fast reaction times, and large bandwidths in data transmission so that data and derived information are available quickly and reliably. Therefore, the core of the project is the mobile data center Q-tainer. The Q-tainer is a joint development by RSRG and Dätwyler IT Infra, where both sides contribute their expertise to provide a tailor-made solution for the construction site environment. This also includes providing a local 5G campus network for the construction site. With the help of the network, sensors distributed over the construction site are wirelessly connected. Additionally, the on-site personnel can also log into the network for communication or digital mobile applications using compatible mobile devices. 


In July 2023, the Q-tainer arrived on-site in Cottbus and was subsequently put into operation. Currently, more sensors are being gradually commissioned, and data processing is being expanded.

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