Still in good shape

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The legendary Re 420 of Sersa Schweiz presents itself in a new, dynamic outfit.

From 1964 to 1985, 273 units of the legendary and famous electric universal freight and passenger locomotive RE 420 and its sister type RE 421 were built.


The first unit of this proven electric universal rail locomotive from the Sersa Group is part of the Rhom-berg Sersa Rail Group's new, Europe-wide image for mainline locomotives and promotes environmentally friendly rail transport, especially in the Alpine regions. Weighing 80/84 tonnes, the Re 420 is capable of speeds of up to 140 km/h, and with an hourly output of 4,700 kilowatts; since 2019, Sersa has been using it for fast transfers of its track-laying machines and for traction of heavy goods trains, as well as assisting other rail transport companies in guiding trains. More and more companies are discovering the advantages of environmentally friendly and efficient rail freight transport. The Sersa Group supports the realisation and implementation of innovative rail freight transport with various services – from providing locomotives and carrying out traction services to the construction and maintenance of sidings. The direct transport of the track-laying machines enables the machines to be deployed on schedule at the various construction sites, thereby guaranteeing a high level of availability on the Swiss railway network. Thanks to good maintenance and corresponding ongoing modernisations, the state of preservation of the Re 420 is still very good. These locomotives, together with the RSRG's other services, contribute to sustainable freight transport throughout Europe.

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