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IVB has relied on Universale Bau for many years

The Innsbruck Transport Services and Stubaitalbahn GmbH (IVB) has shared many successful years of collaboration with Universale Bau. This year, Universale Bau is again undertaking the track construction work for IVB, reaffirming its expertise in track construction.


The existing railways today, Line 6 and the Stubaitalbahn, were already inaugurated in the years 1900 and 1904, respectively. Distinctive features of these railway lines include a gauge width of 1000 mm, a longitudinal gradient of 55/57 ‰, and a minimal curve radius of only 35 m. During the construction period from March to October 2023, while maintaining railway operations, a track position correction of 2,330 m will be carried out, approximately 1,910 wooden sleepers will be replaced, and the ballast bed will be cleaned over a length of 1,350 m. 

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