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Performance Enhancement Basel SBB Junction

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Erste Etappe der Überbrückungsmassnahmen in den Publikumsanlagen im Bahnhof Basel, Los 1

As part of the Railway Infrastructure Development Programme (STEP), the expansion of the Basel junction has begun. This will lead to greater traffic at Basel SBB station. Therefore, an additional platform and an expansion of the southern track facility are being implemented to absorb the additional burden.


A joint venture with Frutiger AG, Ziegler AG, and Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group was formed to optimally meet customer needs. The project comprises seven phases from mid-December 2022 to the end of 2025 and extends over Münchenstein, Basel SBB, and St. Johann. The main works are located at Basel railway station. About ten trades are involved in the project, requiring increased coordination in execution.


The main works in Lot 1 include: 

  • Demolition of existing buildings, remodeling of platforms and platform roofs
  • Track and switch construction along with substructure renewal
  • All cable dismantling, cable pulling, and cable protection works within the project perimeter
  • Bored pile wall and massive retaining wall
  • Artistic structures such as the support of the pedestrian overpass
  • Foundations (with micropiles) Logistics services for own and third-party services.


Several buildings and around 1000 m of track were dismantled in April 2023. The bored pile works along Meret-Oppenheim-Strasse were completed after nearly six months of work from January to June 2023. Also, the first foundations for the platforms, including logistics services for Lot 2, are complete. Currently, the finishing works on platform 07/08 are taking place while the new platform facility track 19/20 is already under construction. In parallel, the cable and deep track construction works are in full swing throughout the entire project perimeter. The first major track and switch reconstruction in the L-group with 5 switches, approximately 400 m of track, multiple crossings, manholes, and cable ducting begins on 09/01/2023 and will be completed by 09/25/2023. The next reconstruction will take place at the beginning of October 2023.

ARGE Performance Enhancement-1

  • Partners: Frutiger AG, Ziegler AG, and Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group
  • Construction Section: Münchenstein, Basel SBB, and St. Johann (7 phases)
  • Construction Phase: December 2022 - End of 2025
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