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The portable container switchgear.

Last year, Rhomberg Fahrleitungsbau GmbH, Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group’s specialist for overhead lines and electrical systems, was commissioned by the Austrian Federal Railways to construct a portable switchgear container (tSA2).


This is the second contract of its kind. Valuable preparatory work was done on the first project a few years ago: A prototype of the portable switchgear, to the client’s design, was planned by Rhomberg Fahrleitungsbau, fitted, checked with all the trades involved and handed over to the client after successful completion of the test phase.


This type of mobile container switchgear is used to keep the railway in operation during construction work. The system is particularly suitable for the modernisation of essential substations that can only be upgraded section by section, where space is limited or where substations do not have a track connection. Limited space presents a major challenge given the need for mobility and flexibility. Particular features here are the pressure relief of the 15 kV switchgear as well as the cable routes and an extensive connector system for easy connection to other parts of the system. The twelve-metre-long container is equipped with 15 kV switchgear, consisting of two combined transformer/measuring cells and four overhead line branches as well as the associated protective relaying, distributed control system and internal power consumption systems.


In addition to the above specifications, tSA2 is to provide additional safety and metering components and be able to feed in renewable energy. The system in Bruck an der Leitha will start operation in May 2022 and feed electricity from the Höflein wind power station directly into the overhead lines of the trains. This is an environmentally friendly and sustainable contribution to electromobility.

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