Large-scale track construction machinery from around the globe

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Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group offers its machine technology across three continents.

The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group (RSRG) has a large rail technology service offering, which it offers to customers in eight markets. Its ability to provide large-scale track construction machinery to its customers is unbeatable.


The core of RSRG’s mechanised track construction capability is based in in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. The company combines its modern track construction machinery with decades of experience in its operation. True to its environmental commitments, RSRG has invested in environmentally-friendly hybrid technology. Its track machinery offers services that include: tamping, ballast cleaning, track conversion, subsoil remediation, grinding and milling.


RSRG does not only provide large-scale track construction machinery in the heart of Europe, but has rolled out this service offering to the Nordic countries, Ireland, the UK, Australia and North America.


In Ireland, the machines of Iarnród Éireann/Irish Rail are operated and maintained by RSRG, which provides a service offering that includes tamping, ballast cleaning, track inspection and heavy lifting.


In the UK, RSRG has achieved significant productivity increases in track and turnout renewal projects by providing specialised ballast management machines MFS+ and UMH reloading machines.


Outside of Europe, RSRG has been successful with large machinery technology in Australia and North America.


RSRG has been operating in Australia since 2005 and delivers a top quality service to its customers with its high-performance tamping machines.


In Canada, RSRG is the market leader for ballast cleaning and it is now also successfully offering the same service in the USA. RSRG was the first company to offer the Canadian market milling technology, in partnership with the Austrian company Linsinger/Linmag. The approach taken by RSRG to its markets in North America won the company the "Innovation Award 2022", conferred by CARS (Canada Association of Railway Suppliers).


On a Global basis, RSRG operates 230 rail-bound vehicles employed in track and overhead line construction. Customer focus drives RSRG to invest in innovative technology that enables high quality solutions

Linsinger Schienenfräszug SF02T-FS LB

Rhomberg Sersa North America is proud to operate the Linsinger rail milling train, which is the first rail milling machine in North America that can identify cracks in the rail surface. The machine is equipped with the latest profile measuring technology for crosslongitudinal profile and eddy current determination

Plasser & Theurer 09-8x4 4 S Dynamic E³

This machine tamps ballast stone on tracks and switches, powered by environmentally friendly hybrid technology. Whenever available, electricity is drawn from overhead lines and braking energy is also recovered by the machine’s batteries. It is also equipped with specially configured tamping units (eight individual tamping units with four tamping picks each).

Plasser & Theurer MFS+

The MFS+ is a material conveyor and silo unit and is used for the continuous conveying, storage and subsequent transport of excavation material

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