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Rhomberg Sersa Germany rebuilt one of the main links in Leipzig.

Lützer Strasse is the main connection between Grünau, a new development disctic to the west, and Leipzig's city centre. 10,000 vehicles use this arterial road.


It is six kilometres long and is followed along its entire length by the Leipzig city tram tracks. Coming from the city centre, the tracks are integrated into the road due to the tight space conditions. In the residential neighbourhood Grünau, however, the tram tracks veer off and continue to run from there on their own track parallel to Lützner Strasse.


Where the track veers was the point at which the RSD construction project “Lützner Strasse” began, which was completed in a joint venture with the company Wolff und Müller. It took 79 working days to dismantle and rebuild the 1,200-metre-long doubletrack line up to the “Schönauer Ring” stop with a total of five railway and three pedestrian cros-sings. In addition, the signalling technology and the complete overhead contact wire system, including all mast foundations, were installed in the entire construction project. The joint venture also rebuilt the entire area surrounding the construction site, including all cycle paths and footpaths as well as green areas. The contract also involved all the stops along the construction line. The construction project was handed over without any defects on 11 April.

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