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CO2-neutral, quiet, yet powerful work performance at construction sites, especially including tunnel scenarios.

Starting this summer, the long-standing Swiss agent for Robel, Sersa Technik AG is offering customers some innovations in the areas of climate protection and workplace safety. ROBEL E³ is the brand name for a combination of power battery technology and reliable mechanical equipment. The objective is to achieve CO-neutral, quiet and powerful work performance on all construction sites, not least in the tunnel setting.  


On numerous construction sites you will find the Robel's tried and trusted, reliable electric machines, including the 10.20 drill, the 30.20 electric impact driver and the 62. 20L electric vibratory tamper, which can be operated with the identical 700 Wh battery and now also with a 400 Wh version. 


The 30.82HKS E³ electric wrench, the 13.90 E³ electric rail cutter and the 13.45MD E³ electric rail cutter are now available with a phenomenal 2,300 Wh.  

The new 30.82HKS electric universal wrench with powerful battery technology

  • Uniform repeat wrenching due to adjustable torque 
  • Maximum flexibility with various drive types (battery or power pack) 
  • Light-weight and compact design with folding guide handles 
  • Large field of view due to LED lighting of work area 
  • Height-adjustable guide handles 
  • Wrenching of all screwed connections on any type of track 
  • Fast ready-to-use (at press of a button) 
  • No motor emissions, reduced noise emissions, reduced hand-arm vibrations 

The alternative to investing in new equipment, the 72.01 E³ conversion kit for HKS power wrenches with thermal drive. This 72.01 E³ conversion kit means that a range of existing power wrenches can be retooled for the latest battery technology. 

  • Electric motor especially for tunnel and urban applications 
  • Maximum flexibility with various drive types (battery or power pack) 
  • Save costs through conversion, rather than buying a complete new power wrench 
  • Active improvement of the machine pool’s environmental balance 
  • Increased availability through reduced motor maintenance 
  • Fast ready-to-use (at press of a button) 
  • No motor emissions 
  • Reduced noise emissions 

The 13.90 E³ electric rail cutter for fast, efficient high-grade steel rail cutting.

  • Lightweight and stable cut-off machine due to lightweight aluminium construction 
  • Cutting rails without reclamping from both sides with sparks flying downwards 
  • Multi Drive Technology: One machine, various drive options (battery or power pack) 
  • Extended field of application in tunnels and urban areas 
  • Large field of view due to LED lighting of work area 
  • Other applications include: Vignole, grooved, and crane rails (claw is adjustable up to 120 mm rail head width) 
  • Stable aluminium articulated arm with Hardox claw 
  • articulated arm carry machine weight, relieves the operator 
  • Cutting capacity approx. 20 cuts at UIC 60 rail/battery charge (depending on rail profile, cutting disc, operator etc.) 

Especially developed for rail welders, the 13.45MD E³ welding joint grinding machine. Perfectly designed for grinding track welding joints on Vignole crane ways and grooved rails. 


  • Choice between battery power or power pack 
  • Interchangeable guiding system for various applications 
  • Easy changing of cup wheel thanks to Quick Lock 
  • Grinding throughput: at least 60 minutes of continuous grinding (depending on rail profile, trimmer, grinding wheel etc.) 
  • LED lighting 
  • Ideal for use in tunnels and urban areas 
  • The most powerful electric motor in its weight class for fast grinding 
  • No set-up time 
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