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Digital Meets Track Construction

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Trainee construction site in Berlin Neukölln demonstrates the customer benefits of digitalization in modern track construction

The Berlin Neukölln construction project is being carried out by the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group (RSRG) as a trainee construction site. During the reconstruction of Track 23 (97 meters) and Track 6 (841 meters), a special focus is on the use of new, modern, and digital technologies. 


Starting with a drone flyover of the construction project, through the use of a construction rod, to the digital machine control of the dual-purpose technology, RSRG employs its repertoire. Drone flights are used for work preparation and traceability. A georeferenced, orthometric "before-and-after image" allows the original state to be compared with the final state. Rhomberg Sersa uses a “DJI Air 2s” drone with a C1 classification (500 g light) from the “Open” A1-A3 category, which flies at a planned height of 30 m along the construction field. High-resolution images used in work preparation allow for measurements accurate to the centimeter. Areas can be measured from the office, making site management more efficient. 


The construction rod allows for site positioning, including inclination compensation up to 30°, and thanks to correction data from SAPOS, it offers a theoretical accuracy of ≤ 1 cm in location. The “SitePlan” software, as an app on the mobile phone attached to the rod, provides the ability to record and output georeferenced points and photos for stock or construction site documentation, navigation and orientation in the PDF plan or orthophoto, and the marking of points to the centimeter range. 


A digital routing model is created for machine control. The dual-purpose excavator is equipped with additional displays, GPS antennas, and sensors that enable spatial orientation. This gives the operator feedback, for example, about the already achieved height of the ballast bed. These tools also contribute to increased efficiency. 

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