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RK safetec was founded twelve years ago with the start of the Brenner base tunnel project.

The Unterinntal route, known as the "Brenner Basis Tunnel Access Route", and the Brenner Basis Tunnel itself are basically founding projects of RK Safetec. And they have been constantly and reliably by the side of the specialist for construction site safety in the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group ever since.


RK safetec's first order for the ZOKA system was placed in 2010, with four more over the next twelve years. Now, the company has just received its sixth order: In February of this year, the safety experts received a follow-up order from the H41 Sillschlucht-Pfons consortium (Implenia, webuild, CSC costruzioni) for the section on the Austrian side.


The H41 contract includes the main tubes from the Ahrental access tunnel heading north to Innsbruck and south to Pfons. Around 5.7 kilometres will be constructed using conventional methods and approximately 16.4 kilometres using a tunnel boring machine. In addition, there is the interior work on the main tubes, the Innsbruck emergency stop and the exploratory tunnel.


Since the RK safetec equipment was also used in the previous H33 project, those responsible for the new order had to take over part of the system, adapt it and supply the necessary components for the expansion of the main tubes. It is almost a matter of course that the well-known and proven ZOKA system was and is used again. A lot of know-how is needed for the required radio system: In addition to GSM coverage (public), a TETRA radio system for emergency services and a 70 cm analogue radio system for the fire brigade are required in the tunnel system. In addition, there is WLAN coverage and a complex fibre-optic (light waveguide) network infrastructure due to the branched pipe system.

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