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An overview of RSRG's product portfolio

As a leading international railway engineering company, the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group has much more than specialised experience in complex railway construction projects, a high affinity for finding solutions and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. In fact, the driven railway technology specialist has already brought numerous innovations to the railways. Many of these are now standard for track renewal and maintencance:


The slab track system is intelligent, versatile, efficient and solid, enabling the replacement of essential components even after installation. This ensures easy maintenance and setting. In addition, the system impresses with its very fast and uncomplicated installation for project realisation in the shortest construction time windows, its simple construction site logistics and high scalability. No special machinery is required. Reliable lifting and straightening systems and process tools for efficient installation are a useful addition to this process. The system has already proven its specific advantages in a large number of projects, for example in the networks of Deutsche Bahn/DE, Network Rail/UK, Rhätische Bahn/CH or Inland Rail/AUS.

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SLS Second Life System®

The patented RSRG process extends the service life and ensures that the internal track geometry of wooden sleeper tracks and turnout sleepers is restored through simple but durable reconditioning of worn-out screw holes. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable and ensures simple and safe execution of the work steps thanks to tried-and-tested; coordinated components from a single source. Since the system was introduced, many thousands of track and turnout sleepers have already been safely and sustainably rehabilitated using the SLS process.



The clever design considerably simplifies the design of junctions between different superstructure and substructure forms and reliably prevents differential settlements in the interface area. It can be easily installed, easily maintained and is durable. In addition to multiple installations in the networks of Network Rail/UK and the Rhätischen Bahn/CH, there will also be an installation in the network of Deutsche Bahn/DE in the Stuttgart 21 project in 2022.



Intelligent technology in a compact design: The product is a modern and robust orientation and guidance system for railway tunnels designed for effective escape route illumination. Installation is intuitive, fast and efficient, plus installation performance is scalable through automation.

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Developed by the RSRG and BOOM GmbH, RAILium is a unique software solution to achieve complete transparency about rolling material, personnel and the processes of the digital railway construction world – interface-free. The tool supports resource planning, operational tasks, asset management and damage vehicle management, helping to make all processes faster and more efficient. The solution is also fully ECM compliant.

NXRT Rail Sim

Developed by Vienna-based Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH, the Train Driver Simulator revolutionises the training of train drivers and others involved in train travel through the use of unique mixed reality functionality, multi-user capabilities and a highly customisable gaming environment. The high degree of realism increases the practical relevance, improves learning success and contributes to a permanent increase in attraction to the profession of train driver.


Visualisation and simulation of construction projects and processes in a virtual environment: Unique approach to creating a multidisciplinary dialogue right from the early stages of the project and important basis for avoiding interface problems as early as the planning stage. Enables the systematic consideration of variants of work processes on construction sites as well as their structured and sustainable optimisation and forms an innovative basis for securing and further developing knowledge.

Background: the "why"!

As a reliable and forward-thinking partner for public and private railway companies, the RSRG always focuses on customer benefits when developing new products. High economic efficiency and quality of the products are just as important as sustainability and promoting rail as the most attractive mobility solution. As well as optimising its efficient and successful range of services in the familiar areas such as mechanical and commercial track construction, equipment and energy supply, and large-scale projects, the RSRG is therefore consistently working to be able to offer our customers an interesting portfolio of innovative products that is always state of the art. To this end, an important concept is at the forefront of product development from the outset: the ‘why’! What specific problems and challenges will we be able to solve for our customers with our product? Why will they put their trust in the services of the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group?


Benefits and advantages can be completely different for different customer groups for one and the same product. As the RSRG becomes more familiar with these benefits, it can optimise not only its pro-ducts, but also its entire business activities and coo-
peration with customers and partners.

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