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Cross River Rail

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Brisbane's new underground rail line

Rhomberg Rail Australia (RRA) is proud to support delivery of the Cross River Rail project, Brisbane's new underground rail line.


Cross River Rail will unlock the bottleneck at the core of the Southeast Queensland rail network and enable a turn-up-and-go transport system. It is a critical public transport infrastructure project which will improve quality of life, help the economy keep growing, generate thousands of jobs, and activate urban development.


RRA will construct the track slab within the Cross River Rail tunnels. A total of 11 kilometres of ballastless track slab will be built underground, adopting a combination of specialist systems inclu-
ding floating track slab.


RRA has worked closely with sister company RKR Engineering to design, manufacture, test and commission two specialist concrete placement units. These will pump and place the fibre-reinforced concrete needed for track slab formation in each tunnel. The machines have been assembled, tested and commissioned ready for delivery to the project in early April.


Work is underway on the project with the first stage of flashbutt welding works and the first of two ballastless test tracks successfully completed. Assembly and testing of the two new purpose-built remote controlled telescopic mobile FST gantry cranes has started, ready for the upcoming installation of the 7.5 tonne floating slab track blocks.


The team has worked hard amid the pandemic and recent flood events. Now tests are complete, ballastless track slab construction is planned to commence in May 2022. The entire Rhomberg team is extremely excited to be a part of this game-chan-ging project. 

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