10 years of RSRG

A large, functional family

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10 Years of the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, as recounted by Trudy Schnyder, wife of Konrad Schnyder and co-creator.

If I had to describe the two companies before the merger, I would attribute the following qualities to Sersa: innovative, motivated, good at handling conflict, community-orientated, fair, reliable. I would describe the Rhomberg company as innovative, motivated, optimistic, self-assured, team-orientated, socially adept. However, we noticed one big difference at the first meetings - punctuality is simply valued differently in Austria. Today the Rhomberg Sersa Group is one large family that works. People know each other well, they can discuss things and argue and know that in the end you have to come to a common denominator.

Both wanted the merger to the same extent

I experienced the time of the merger as very lively, intense and exciting. It often became late as the discussions went on deep into the night. Both owners were equally enthusiastic about the merger. It was clear to me that none of the other succession options were as good a solution as this one. When Konrad had to make decisions, I always knew the result in advance: I could tell by the gleam in his eye. When Rhomberg came up, I didn’t have any doubt whatsoever. Both are born entrepreneurs. Not a day goes past that Konrad doesn’t work, for example. He defines his work as “365 days active leave per year”. He enjoys seeing how the group continues to develop.


I regard the constant exchange among each other, of both the owners and the C-level, as decisive for today's success. Opposing opinions are also communicated. Despite the merger, they allow each other space for individual developments. They meet and are happy to see each other. Konrad and Hubert are connected by great openness, honesty and friendship. We are already thinking about the generation after the next, about our grandchildren, and speak about it openly. Although they are still studying or doing apprenticeships, they are warmly invited to take part in meetings in order to get an idea of what it’s all about.

Taking our values into the future

Our employees are very important to us. We have the utmost respect for them, especially those who work on the construction sites. That is why Konrad and I take time to visit our branches regularly. In the run-up to Christmas, we personally hand out small gifts and in the past, Konrad and I and our children served at the Christmas catering event. Konrad is really interested in the work that our employees do; he always listens to them very intently. Once, he insisted on also working a shift on the construction site. He wanted to learn “tamping” and actually did it. It is a necessity for us to thank our employees for their services. Konrad always finds opportunities to express his appreciation, including towards me when he emphasises that both of us built up the firm.

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